MONO, undisturbed on the road

Pretty much everybody in the Netherlands rides a bike. You will ride a bike too. Perhaps you do already. In the Netherlands there are rules that apply to riding a bike. Agreements that you need to comply with to make sure everyone stays safe on the road. If you don’t stick to the rules, you can be fined.

One of those rules is that you cannot use your mobile on your bike. You’re not allowed to have it in your hand either. If you do, you can end up with a fine of *150 euros. Worse still: it is dangerous because you are distracted and more likely to have an accident.

*This fine will probably be increased to 160 euros from the first of March 2024.

Tips to make it easier

  • Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’, so that you’re not tempted to pick it up.
  • Plan your route before you leave.
  • Need to find the way whilst you’re out? Put a phone mount on your handlebars and put your phone in it; that is allowed.
  • You don’t have a phone mount? Get off in a safe place to look at your phone, and put your phone away again.