Use your bike lights

Pretty much everybody in the Netherlands rides a bike. You will ride a bike too. Perhaps you do already. In the Netherlands there are rules that apply to riding a bike. Agreements that you need to comply with to make sure everyone stays safe on the road. If you don’t stick to the rules, you can be fined.

One of the rules is that you use the correct bike lights in the dark and in poor visibility. Correct lights mean a yellow or white light at the front and a red light at the back of your bike. You also need reflectors: on the back, on your pedals, and on your tyres.

See and be seen

The image below shows clearly which lights you need. You can determine whether you wear the front and rear light on your bike, your body, or your bag. The important thing is that you are clearly visible.

Remember the following points when you switch on your bike lights:

  • Make sure you do not blind other road users: your light should shine straight ahead and straight back.
  • If you decide to wear the lights, they should be on your upper body.
  • Extra lights sound like fun but they are not permitted. Flashing lights and LED wheel lights should be left at home.